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Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., ltd
No.3939, Jiasong North Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China

Tel: 021-69986891
Fax: 021-69986096
E-Mail: sales@sermatec.com.cn

Product Inquiry: sales@sermatec.com.cn
Any questions and requests for our all in one lithium-ion battery storage system,12V-48V2.4Kwh battery, EMS&BMS and customizing the whole storage system, please contact our sales department.

Technician Support: technics@sermatec.com.cn
If you need technician support for your purchased battery system, such as installations, maintenance interval, operation guide, design & customization for the products, please contact the technical department.

After-service support: support@sermatec.com.cn
Any after-service about the purchased equipment, calibration information, or instruments abnormal performance, you can connect to our service department for information.

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