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A Pioneer in Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

A Pioneer in Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

SERMATEC is a pioneer in lithium iron phosphate batteries deployed in energy storage systems and electric vehicles. The company recently hosted a visit for Solar Council staff who were impressed by operations and the accessibility to all aspects of procedures. Following is a review of that visit and the strong impression it left:

I recently visited lithium-ion battery manufacturer Sermatec in China, and I have to say they impressed the hell out of me. Nothing beats 'walking the floor' to get a feel for a company. Yes, it's about the quality of the machines, the testing, staff training and pallets of products. But it's more than that. As 'old mate'  would say, it's also about the 'vibe of the thing'. They had a full access policy. I went where I wanted, saw everything I wanted and spoke to whomever I wanted.

A brave approach, as these things are usually tightly scripted affairs. Rewarding staff who make even minor improvements. 100 per cent battery cell ageing at 45 degrees. 100 per cent battery cell testing before release. By the time we had finished the half-day tour I could only smile. If only other quality companies would back themselves like this. Real quality can't be faked. Well done Sermatec, you have got the foundations right.

Founded in October 2009, Sermatec's products and solutions have been widely deployed in batteries for high-end vehicles, cloud computing system power backup, telecom power backup, new energy storage systems and electric vehicles.

With self-developed core technologies in the cathode material, battery cell and BMS (battery management system), Sermatec is one of just a few companies that has vertically integrated the whole lithium battery industrial chain.

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