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Taiwan Huali Group Visit Our Company

Taiwan Huali Group Visit Our Company

On the morning of October 16, Guo Xuan Technology Co., Ltd. Executive Director Shi Dongyi, Taiwan Huali Group Senior Director Shao Guangkai, Sales Director Chen Minli, and Product Deputy Manager Wu Yucheng and other delegations came to Shanghai to visit our company. Accompanied by Zhang Xiao, director of the business department, and Hui Shaorui, product manager, they visited the energy storage system independently developed by Cairi Energy, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the application of lithium battery energy storage projects in Taiwan. Li Feng, chairman of sermatec Energy, together with general managers Wang Jianpeng and Zhang Xi, attended the meeting at the Shanghai headquarters of sermatec Energy.

At this stage,shanghai sermatec energy manufacturing 5Kw,10Kw hybrid inverter forenergy storage system, and the whole energy storage solution like energy storage containers of various types of project orders, the collection of huge project data, making the Japanese 3S system (BMS: battery The management system, PCS: energy storage bidirectional inverter, EMS: energy management system are tested in different application scenarios, further verifying the maturity, security, and integrity of the system.          

Established in 1968, Huali Group is a Taiwan-listed company and a provider of high-tech materials, equipment and technology solutions. Focusing on forward-looking materials, equipment and technology, the business covers materials and equipment for composite materials, engineering plastics, printed circuit boards, semiconductors, flat panel displays, touch panels, optoelectronics and green energy industries.
In the United States, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, etc. have established subsidiaries or agents. In addition to the development of the industry, through the vertical integration of the supply chain, we are actively developing into the new energy field.

Recently, Holley Group and Zuri Energy signed a contract for the supply of 1MWh lithium iron phosphate energy storage equipment. The system will become the first energy storage project in mainland China to be supplied by mainland enterprises, applied to local industrial and commercial peaks and valleys. It is a milestone in driving the new energy market in Taiwan.

Shanghai sermatec can be selected by  Huali Group stand out from the others, benefiting from the company's excellent product quality, excellent service and strong research and development capabilities. With the reduction of system cost, the market application of lithium battery energy storage has become increasingly prominent. I hope that the company will maintain close cooperation with Holley Group and Guoxuan Technology in the future and participate in more excellent energy storage projects in Taiwan," said Li Tianrun, vice president of sermetec Energy.

At the same time, Li Tianrun talked about the fact that we will focus on overseas markets in 2019. Along the 'one belt, one road', many countries are facing power shortage challenges.
Sermatec must continue to accumulate planning, design and construction, operation and management experience in the international energy storage field, and promote the global market layout with the superior performance of their products. Enhance the influence of the company in the market.

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