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1.8Mwh Energy Storage System

1.8Mwh Energy Storage System

Energy storage is an important component and key technology for smart grids, renewable energy systems, and energy internet. With the explosion of large-scale energy storage market applications, the 1.8MW energy storage system must be a standard application unit, which has important research significance for the integration and off-grid applications of multi-micro networks. The core components of the integrated battery, BMS, converter, intelligent switch cabinet, EMS are all placed in one container, and 40-foot containers can be done. This one-piece solution can be applied to peak shaving, frequency modulation, or utilization of ladder batteries, emergency power supply and commercial applications of some peak-filling valleys.
1.8Mwh Energy Storage System
  • 1.8Mwh Energy Storage System
  • 1.8Mwh Energy Storage System
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1.8Mwh Energy Storage System
1. The battery module adopts automobile technology and is fully automated.
2. Car modules can be directly used twice.
3. Standby protection is up to 10000h.
4. Integrated Microgrid EMS Function.
5. Standardized modular design system configuration flexibility.
7. CAN/RS485/ Ethernet multiple communication methods.
8. Box design for easy installation and maintenance.
9. Integrated fire protection system, dynamic ring system, temperature control system, ensure the safe operation of the system.
1.8Mwh Energy Storage System
1.8Mwh Energy Storage System

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