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100KW Pcs 100KW Modularized Pcs

100KW Pcs 100KW Modularized Pcs

SMT-100K-TL-TH is a modular intelligent energy storage inverter formed by 50KW module. The product adopts modular design, which is convenient for engineering construction, operation and maintenance. Each module can work independently and centrally. 

100KW Pcs 100KW Modularized Pcs
  • 100KW Pcs 100KW Modularized Pcs
  • 100KW Pcs 100KW Modularized Pcs
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100KW Pcs 100KW Modularized Pcs
The DC side can be connected to the number of battery channels, which is suitable for battery applications with different voltage levels, different types and different charging and discharging requirements. 

Three-phase four-wire output, suitable for three-phase 100% unbalanced load operation. Products can be applied to new energy limiting, peak shaving; industrial and commercial energy storage; microgrid and other fields.

100KW Pcs 100KW Modularized Pcs
  1. Higher reliability, easy for installation and maintenance
  2. Each module is separately controlled, Support three-phase 100%
  3. unbalance load operation.Support single-phase load and half-wave load
  4. Voltage balance module which radically solve the unbalanced voltage
  5. problem on positive and negative buses caused by half-wave load
  6. The maximum power of single unit is 500kW .without transformer
  7. Integrated local EMS systems
  8. Flexible intelligent charging system, real time data recording system
  9. Independent module monitoring system, support different types of
  10. battery use
  11. VSG (Virtual synchronous generator )technology
  12. Intelligent start and stop design, which increases service life of the whole machine by 20%
  13. 9 Module intelligent mechanical switched + variable frequency control, better power quality

100KW Pcs 100KW Modularized Pcs
100KW Pcs 100KW Modularized Pcs

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