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180kwh Battery Storage System

180kwh Battery Storage System

SC3000 is the latest high voltage LFP battery system provided by SERMATEC with advanced design for the commercial application. such as Big off-grid systems, Microgrid systems, Single phase high voltage PV system and Three phase PV systems.
180kwh Battery Storage System
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180kwh Battery Storage System
More compact design & easier installation
We apply higher density cell to pack our new system and easy to install at home in IP55 protection degree -20°C to +50°C

More powerful performance
Vertical industry integration ensures more than 4000 cycles with 80% DoD in 15 years long life

180kwh Battery Storage System
Safety Cert.TÜV CE UN38.3 TLC, all the parts meets the global standards

S4850/4870  Two high voltage modules can be chosen to meet different requires.

  1. Vertical industry integration chain.
  2. Modular design with different density, suits all scenarios.
  3. Flexible voltage range from 50VDC to 1000VDC.
  4. Three-layer management system design delivers the highest reliability.
  5. The module can be expanded from 1pcs to 20pcs according to customer required.
180kwh Battery Storage System
DC side parameters
project name Specifications Note
Battery model LFP/3.2V/90Ah >155Wh/kg >550W/kg
Battery pack 3 parallel 7 series
Battery module 672V/270AH
Rated Capacity 180kwh
Available capacity 162kwh 90%DOD
System rated voltage 672V
System voltage range 525V-760V
Rated current/Maximum current 135A/150A 0.5C
Cycles 6000
AC side parameters
project name Specifications Note
AC output voltage 400VAC
AC output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power/maximum power 90kw/100kw
Operating mode On-grid & off-grid
Black start Optional
Mechanical parameters
project name Specifications Note
Wide * high * deep 950mm*2000mm*850mm
Protection level IP20
weight 1500kg
Environmental parameters
project name Specifications Note
storage temperature -20℃ TO 45℃
Operating temperature 0℃ TO 45℃
altitude <2000m
Communication parameters
communication method CAN&RS485&
CAN&RS485& Ethernet
Test conditions:Temperature 25°C
180kwh Battery Storage System

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