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50kW PCS

50kW PCS

The 50kW (SMT-50K-TL-TH) energy storage inverter adopts modular design, with off-grid, grid-connected and rectified modes, and can be intelligently switched between three modes, with both reactive power compensation and harmonics. Compensation function. 

50kW PCS
  • 50kW PCS
  • 50kW PCS
  • 50kW PCS
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50kW PCS
The advanced control algorithm is used to realize parallel connection of multiple machines, and the power level of the parallel system covers 50kW~500kW. 

The module adopts the digital control of the new generation DSP, which has excellent load adaptability and grid adaptability. At the same time, the independent air duct design enables the module to effectively cope with various complex application environments. 

The system runs safer and more reliable, and the economy and environment are more adaptable.
50kW PCS
  1. Support intelligent reactive compensation and harmonic compensation, improve grid quality;
  2. Efficiency 98.5%, low-consumption;
  3. Support half-wave load, three-phase 100% unbalance load, great load adaptation;
  4. Ethernet, CAN, RS485 communication
50kW PCS
50kW PCS

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