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Centralized PCS

Centralized PCS

The centralized intelligent energy storage converter adopts a three-level topology with high efficiency and low harmonics. The erected plug-in structure design has high reliability and simple maintenance. 
Centralized PCS
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Centralized PCS
Three-phase three-wire / four-wire output, suitable for 100% unbalanced load applications; compatible with AC315V/AC380V two voltage levels.
It can be applied to new energy limiting, peak shaving; industrial and commercial energy storage; microgrid and other fields.
Centralized PCS
  • Integrated machine design, compact structure and high power density
  • Exclusive air duct, reliable operation at -30°C+60°C wide temperature
  • Can meet the application of ultra-high altitude 5000 meters
  • Three-level topology, high efficiency, low harmonics
  • With energy management function, no one, no EMS autonomous operation;
  • Upright plug-in power module, easy to install and maintain

Centralized PCS

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