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Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System
The energy storage system can be connected to the grid as an independent system, and it can play the role of peak clipping and valley compensation and reactive power compensation. 

The energy storage system can also be combined with new energy power generation to form a wind and light storage system, smoothing the power generation side of the new energy source. 

The energy storage system can also be built in a load center with a new energy generation system such as wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation to form a microgrid system to improve energy utilization efficiency, improve power quality, improve power supply reliability, and reflect green environmental protection.

According to the mode of new energy access, the energy storage microgrid system can be divided into two control modes: common DC bus and common AC bus. 

The microgrid is powered by the multi-directional converter system to ensure that the power load can be operated continuously under the power failure state of the grid. 

Through the optimal configuration of batteries, inverters, bidirectional converters, and wind and light equipment, we can realize engineering consulting, design, system integration, station level monitoring, etc. for energy storage systems, wind storage systems, and energy storage microgrid systems.