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Modular Single-Stage Isolated PCS

Modular Single-Stage Isolated PCS

The modular intelligent energy storage converter forms a series of models of 50kW~500 kW with 50KW and 60kW modules. 
Modular Single-Stage Isolated PCS
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Modular Single-Stage Isolated PCS
The number of independent battery channels that can be connected to the DC side is 1~8. Suitable for battery applications with different voltage levels, different types, and different charge and discharge requirements. 

Three-phase four-wire output for three-phase 100% unbalanced load applications. It can be applied to new energy limiting, peak shaving; industrial and commercial energy storage; microgrid and other fields.

Modular Single-Stage Isolated PCS
  • Multi-channel input of different types of batteries, which is beneficial to battery ladder utilization.
  • Three-phase 100% unbalanced load operation.
  • Three-level topology, integrated isolation transformer, DC side voltage range is wider, can reduce the number of battery strings.
  • Seamless switching between grid-connected and off-grid operating modes.
  • DC side supports photovoltaic access, multiple working modes can be flexibly set.
  • Modular design, convenient engineering construction, operation and maintenance, each module can work independently and centrally manage.
  • Multiple parallels for easy expansion.

Modular Single-Stage Isolated PCS

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