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PV Energy Storage System

PV Energy Storage System

Shanghai Sermatec Energy Technology Co., Ltd provides advanced residential energy storage solutions to improve the stability of users' electricity consumption, reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment by providing safe and clean energy.

On the daytime, energy is supplied and stored by PV station; and energy is stored for the load at night.

PV Energy Storage System
  • PV Energy Storage System
  • PV Energy Storage System
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PV Energy Storage System
PV Energy storage system can be operated in parallel or on an island. The design of the whole system is biased towards plug-and-play, which improves power supply flexibility and reliability. The energy storage microgrid can also be used as a backup power source and use its black start function. Participate in the adjustment of the main network through the local energy management system. PV energy storage system involves six major areas of power system power generation, energy storage, power distribution, power consumption, dispatching, and communication. It can work in both grid-connected and isolated networks with high reliability and stability.

PV Energy Storage System


  1. High-precision MPPT control to optimize the efficiency and increase photovoltaic power generation
  2. Flexible configuration, PV and grid charging optional, lithium battery&lead carbon battery accessible
  3. Wi-Fi, GPRS wireless monitoring modes
  4. Seamless switching between grid/off-grid modes
  5. EMS operating automatically

PV Energy Storage System
PV Energy Storage System
1. When the battery energy exhausted,grid supplies the load at night.
2. In the morning,solar power is not enough, grid and solar power supply local load together.
3. Solar power is higher than load requirement , it charges the battery.
4 It is cloudy in short time, the PV energy drop sharply, the battery discharges to the load.
5. Once cloud disappears, the solar power continues to charge the battery.
6. When the battery is full charged, solar power will feed back the grid.
7. In the evening, the battery discharge to the load.
PV Energy Storage System
PV Energy Storage System

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